Grievance DeskTop

The Grievance DeskTop is a safe and appropriate way for people with a grievance to file a complaint by sending an email to  We will retain this information (may be password protected or encrypted).  If someone, in the future, also has a grievance with the same person, we will ask the original submitter if he or she wishes to reach out to the new submitter .

Escrow DeskTop

Want to save those immortal words? The Law DeskTop now provides a cost-effective (free!) service to writers to not only preserve their words but also have an escrow partner that will testify as to the time of the work’s creation. Over 1000 authors now escrow their creative works using the DeskTop

The process is simple: email to your work as an attachment. We will respond with an email letting you know that the attachment has been escrowed. If you update a work, send it in again and the new version will be retained. To prove your authorship, it is important to retain each version to evidence the creative process.

Other Law DeskTops

We provide a suite of sites which provide organizations effective ways to manage workflows, collaborations and compliance document retention. Here are some popular DeskTops:

  • SEC DeskTop – Used by many financial institutions to retain compliance documents in accordance with financial regulations
  • Concierge (15a-6) Research DeskTop – Used by broker/dealers to manage the review and approval of international research
  • IP/Software DeskTop – Used by intellectual property and software development teams to retain and evidence the corporation’s IP
  • Insurance DeskTop – Used to retain insurance agreements to manage and verify coverage
  • Franchise DeskTop – Used to keep track of stores and allow store managers to input invoices, construction, insurance and other store information for management and review
  • Home Owners DeskTop – Used by home owners to retain information about the home including, construction work and plans, appliance purchases, warranties and all of the user manuals


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