What SharePoint’s Communication and Collaboration Technologies bring to Repetitive Workproduct

The DeskTop is much like having all parties involved in a workproduct transaction in the same conference room. Documents may be shared, side discussions may be supported as specific terms are discussed and comments and annotations can easily be tracked and incorporated into documents. Every person’s contribution and approval may be tracked to evidence the ‘meeting of the minds.’

The DeskTops are hosted in a secure, cloud-facility but the administrator of the DeskTop site controls permissions which may include right to only certain documents, libraries or discussion groups. Users, whether in-house, outside counsel, legal services providers, may be added or removed by the administrator.

Lawyers may email a document and include a CC or BCC which will automatically add that document and/or the body of the email to the library.

As Sharepoint is a Microsoft product, it fully supports all of the features of Microsoft Word including tracking changes, password protection, annotations and version controls.

Working from the wrong version of a document, waiting for a FedEx’d document, or not realizing that a document has been reviewed are all manifestations of the old way to provide legal services.