The Escrow DeskTop is a convenient way for creative persons – writers, poets, musicians – to capture their creative works in an archive. By submitting to our non-erasable, non-editable vault, it will then preserve the actual date/time of creation and provide effective copywrite status. No longer will you have to mail yourself a copy of your work through the post-office and keep it in a storage closet.

Easy to Use

The Escrow DeskTop couldn’t be easier to use: just email your creative work as an attachment to: escrow@po.thelawdesktop.com. If you have a Creative Account, the content will be preserved in your folder indefinitely. Each version of your creative work will be saved separately which will evidence, if challenged, the creative process. To use this service is free.

If you have a Master Account, then you will be provided a user account and password which will allow you to log into your creative library and view your works. Under this account, you will have the option to manage, review and download your previous works. This account has a fee of $48. / year or $4 per month.


For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us though our Contact Us page.