The Grievance DeskTop is a safe and appropriate way for people with a grievance with someone may file a complaint by sending an email to grievance@po.thelawdesktop.com.  We will retain this information (may be password protected or encrypted) and if someone wants to know if there are other people who have sent in a grievance, we will share that with permission of the original email sender.

If, for instance, someone mistreats you at work, this is a way to document that instance without either going to a lawyer or the EEOC.

Easy to Use

The Grievance DeskTop is easy to use but requires some formatting:

  • Subject line.  The beginning of the subject line should have an identifiable number.  This may be a cell number 123-456-7890, a SSN# 123-45-6789 or a birthdate 01-01-01 and name of the person.
  • The text of the body should have a very simple 1 or 2 line description of the issue.
  • The attachment may have more specific details however we recommend that this file be encrypted or password protected.  This information will never be shared but will be evidence if you require it at some later time.
  • Please file whenever you have encountered something which you wish to preserve in your escrow account.  You may file as often as you wish.


For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us through our Contact Us page.