The Home Owners DeskTop is a convenient way for homeowners to preserve information about their home. How often have you searched for the name of a contractor? The location of wires or other infrastructure on your property? The invoice for the roof?

The Home DeskTop allows you to email to your library all information and then, if you were to move, the account would be transitioned to the next homeowner. What new homeowner doesn’t want to have an account which provides all of the information about their new home?

Home Owners DeskTop is Easy to Use

If I receive an invoice for a new solar panel, I simply email the invoice as an attachment to: Home@po.thelawdesktop.com. In the subject line, I have a word or phase indicating the folder I want the invoice to go into, such as: roof

Home Escrow starts at $48 per year and provides a user account. There is no charge for transferring to the next home owner. In fact, you should insist when you purchase a home that the previous owner open an account and upload all of the relevant papers, blueprints, designs and contractor information.


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