Every corporation has Intellectual Property which it needs to protect. It may involve simply a corporate logo or it may be much more extensive, including corporate websites, product names, engineering drawings, etc. At the heart of IP law is the concept that the corporation must evidence the management of these assets including their creation, review and protection.
The IP DeskTop is a Sharepoint hosted platform that has been designed to provide the corporation with the features necessary to protect IP assets. The combination of versioning and workflows evidence the creation and protection of IP assets.

Uploading or Emailing into the IP Library

‘Best practices’ with IP protection is to capture the associated documents that evidence the creation of the IP. The DeskTop allows for creators to simply email into the DeskTop versions of a logo, a website or a new product. These versions will be retained and a member of the legal department alerted whenever a new version of the IP is created.
These versions will have a hash code generated including a date which is unalterable and will be admissible as evidence. This eliminates the need to use paper files or content from alterable sources to provide proof of person and date of creation.

Transfer of Library to Outside Counsel in the Event of Litigation

Though the library is managed by the corporate legal department, the DeskTop provides an easy way to transfer the library to the Litigation DeskTop. This allows all of the documentation to be made available to an outside law firm along with the documentation of any reviews or annotations of the IP content. No documents need to be searched, printed or FedEx’d to outside counsel – just a user name with the appropriate permissions.

The Desktop’s “D’Eskrow Service” (http://www.deskrow.com)

A component of the IP DeskTop is our D’eskrow service. This is used by individuals or corporations to generate a record of creation or authorship. For instance, a painter emails in a picture of her painting, a writer emails in his new screenplay or a corporation emails in the details of a new product. As part of the service, the D’eskrow service will evidence the hash and date/time of receipt and provide expert witness testimony if there is a dispute about the authenticity or originality of the content.


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