The Franchise DeskTop is a collaborative Sharepoint platform that allows information to be captured and managed so that both the corporate and individual offices can work from one set of documents.


• The site provides for listing of each franchisee, terms of the franchise, renewal and other important dates. As franchise expiration or other dates approach, a new workflow will be created for the process of renewal.

• Insurance, employee, construction, legal and accident documents can be attached to an email and automatically uploaded to the Franchise DeskTop. Depending upon the type of document, a workflow can be created. For instance, if an accident occurs, the store manager’s and other parties’ account can be emailed into the system. This will create a workflow for legal to review and pro-actively work on a settlement.

Variations of

Franchise DeskTop works for many other types of Assets

Though originally developed for franchisees, it has also been used for leases, licensees (liquor), vehicle registrations and insurance. As it is built on Sharepoint, it is very flexible and may be customized for any type of asset in which renewals, document updates, alerts and collaboration may be required.


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