The SEC – FINRA DeskTop is a cloud-portal based on Microsoft’s Sharepoint that is fully compliant with SEC Rule 17a-4 and other financial regulations.  Though financial firms archive their email, many other types of  electronic documents are not retained as required.  They may be, for instance, retained on fileshares, document management systems or even on desktop computers.

Not only does the DeskTop allow a simple means to retain compliance documents, it also provides workflow support for many of the different types of documents that require review and approval.  This combination offers compliance officers a new cost-effective platform to manage their ever-more complex requirements.

Using the DeskTop also allows a firm to send links to documents rather than have them attached to an email.  This gives compliance the assurance that brokers are always sending out the latest document, prospectus or statement.

17a-4 Retention Folder

Documents may be added to the Retention folder either by emailing in documents or uploading. For instance, if you have research reports being sent from an international office, they can be automatically loaded into an archive by CC’ing the folder’s email address.



Many documents require review and approval. We have created workflows for the following type of documents so that not only is the content retained as required by Rule 17a-4 but also the approval and sign-off steps. We provide support for:

  • SEC Rule 15a-6 – International research review and distribution
  • FINRA Rule 3220 – Gifts, expenses and political contributions
  • FINRA Rule 3270 – Employee outside business activities. (I.e. employees could email in their activities which would then create a task for compliance to review.)
  • FINRA Rule 3280 – Private Transactions. This workflow monitors private transaction and approvals in which associated persons are involved.
  • FINRA Rule 4530 – Customer complaints. This workflow supports the process from complaint capture through resolution.


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