What Workflow Technologies Bring to Repetitive Workproduct

Sharepoint integrates document management, workflows, discussion lists and many other technologies which allow organizations more effectively collaborate.

Law firms have extranets which may use Sharepoint technologies but, typically, their functionality consists only of allowing clients to upload or download documents. Integrating workflows between all parties involved in creating a legal workproduct is where the real cost-savings and efficiencies occur.

Workflow can become incredibly complicated but below is an example of a simple one in which a new document is emailed into a DeskTop library. This then sends an email and waits for the status of the document to change to approved. Notice may then be sent back to the sender or the document may be forwarded to the next step in the process.

For instance, if a lease proposal is sent in for a new store, the Leasing DeskTop will send an alert of the lease to outside counsel who may then log in, review the document and approve it alerting both the corporate legal team and the store manager.

Workflow step

Develop Custom Workflows for Law Firms or In-House Legal Teams

As part of our DeskTop services, we will design and build customized workflows for clients. For instance, if a law firm has an area of expertise which it wishes to grow, it we can build a set up libraries and workflows that mirror the workproduct process. As this DeskTop will bring efficiencies to the process, the client will see a lowering of costs and the law firm will find increased business not only from current clients but new clients as well.

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